Kickass Ecstatic Dance

Kickass Ecstatic Dance


Kickass Ecstatic Dance

 The next level of transformative movement journeys. 

Composed to bring you fully and emotionally into your body and the present moment. 

We bring you the newest and most exciting music in electronic and world music.


Move into your body 

Re-center and Re-connect!


All as one


on the dance floor!


Dance can reveal all the mystery that music holds. Expand and enter meditative states. 

Bring awareness to your body. Feel your emotions on an new level.


Dj Q Baba and the Witch Aurora guide you through breathtaking Ecstatic Dances where everything is possible.

DJ Q Baba

He landed the first Ecstatic Dance in 2006 in India. The Bliss Dance Varkala along with many gatherings and Conscious Dances under different feathers followed.


The Witch Aurora is coming from the woods to the dance floor. She will use all her skills to guide you into a meditative state. 

You are the dance

We can´t tell you where your journey will end, but we know where to start.

Everything is possible all the time.

Feel your way through the darkness and the light with all your emotions. 

Stay open hearted and expect magic.

Check out our testimonials

Ecstatic Dances in the morning... For me it became a space of deep inner healing through sound and movement facilitated by these two souls in complete surrender. Their framework allows for high passages of bliss to deep states of consolation of the soul. In sound we are born in sound we are healed
The tapestry of sound during the dance was so intense and powerful. I was a float in an ocean of feelings. I found myself jumping like crazy. After 2 hours of dancing silence. I knew something big had happend to me. Greatful for the experience...Thank you!
The music did open a door from my inside...I did step in. Never done a better step. Amazing experience. So grateful. I was revitalized after every dance. I highly recommend experiencing one of the sessions. The energy was so fantastic.


I am not doing. 

You are not doing. 

It´s doing us. 

You will find a sacred space, 

where you feel safe to express yourself.